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El Regalo

El Regalo "Ashvaakashi" Magical Flying Horse Studs- Oxidized Silver lookalike Unicorn Stud Earrings

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Ashvaakashi- Horse of the Sky! Embark on a magical journey with El Regalo's "Ashvaakashi" Magical Flying Horse Studs – a whimsical tribute to enchantment and grace. These Unicorn Stud Earrings, with their oxidized silver lookalike finish, transcend the ordinary and transport you to a realm of fantasy and elegance.

Crafted with Precision: Each stud is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of a flying horse in flight. The oxidized silver finish adds an antique charm, evoking a sense of timeless magic.

Celestial Elegance: Draped in celestial elegance, the "Ashvaakashi" studs bring forth an aura of ethereal beauty. Let these earrings be your companions as you navigate the realms of imagination and style.

Enchanting Unicorn Symbolism: The Unicorn, a symbol of purity and untamed beauty, graces each stud with its presence. Wear these earrings as a reminder of your uniqueness and the magic that resides within you.

Versatile Elegance: Whether you're stepping into a fairy-tale evening or adding a touch of magic to your everyday, the "Ashvaakashi" studs effortlessly blend into your style, offering versatility and charm.

Gift of Enchantment: Looking for a magical gift? The "Ashvaakashi" Magical Flying Horse Studs are a thoughtful present for anyone who appreciates the allure of fantasy and the elegance of enchanted creatures.

Elevate your style, embrace the magic, and let the "Ashvaakashi" Magical Flying Horse Studs be a symbol of your journey into the extraordinary. Adorn yourself with these earrings and let the magic unfold with every wear.